November 2, 2022

Have you been looking for a way to upgrade your smile? If so, you’re not alone. At Scott Edwards DDS, veneers are one of our most popular cosmetic treatments. That’s because they can instantly improve your smile’s appearance, creating ripples in your confidence and self-esteem. But are veneers right for you? At Scott Edwards DDS, we’ve helped hundreds of patients improve their smiles with veneers. Today, we will discuss what veneers are and if they’re the right fit for you.

What are veneers?

Veneers are thin porcelain or ceramic shells, usually placed over the front surface of teeth. Your orthodontist customizes them to the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, giving you a more uniform look. At Scott Edwards DDC, we offer a few different types of veneers:

Traditional Veneers – Traditional veneers are made from porcelain and require the removal of some enamel to provide a secure fit. This type of veneer must be permanently bonded to your teeth, so it is a good option for those looking for a long-lasting solution.

Composite Veneers – These are made from a composite resin material and can be directly bonded to the tooth without any enamel removal. Composite veneers are an excellent option for patients seeking a more affordable, less invasive procedure.

e.Max Veneers – e.Max veneers are made from a highly durable ceramic material, resulting in thinner shells that look and feel more natural than traditional veneers. As a result, their translucent appearance allows them to blend in more with your natural teeth!

Empress Veneers – Empress veneers are made from a layered glass-ceramic material, which makes them incredibly strong and highly stain-resistant. Despite their durability, they are incredibly thin—as thin as a contact lens—and are ideal for single-tooth aesthetic crowns.

Benefits of veneers

The most significant benefit of veneers is their ability to instantly give you a perfect smile. If waiting for 12-36 months for orthodontic treatment doesn’t sound appealing, then veneers may be the ideal option! In addition, veneers can be made of materials that are stronger and more resistant to staining than natural tooth enamel. This makes them a perfect choice for anyone looking for long-term protection and beauty from their smile. Other benefits include:

  • Keeping your teeth permanently white
  • Correcting teeth that are too small, too large, or irregularly shaped
  • Closing gaps between teeth
  • Decreasing sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages (in the case of severe enamel loss)

Who should get veneers?

Veneers may be a good option for you if you have any of the following dental issues:

  • Discolored, stained, or yellowed teeth
  • Crooked, misaligned teeth
  • Chipped, broken, or worn-down teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Unusually shaped teeth

If you’re unsure whether veneers are right for you, contact us at our Memphis dentistry practice for more information.

Dental Veneers: Are They Right For Me

Ready to upgrade your smile with veneers?

At Scott Edwards DDS, we offer a wide range of veneer services to help you achieve your perfect smile. We know this can be a big decision, and we’re ready to answer any questions about the process. Dr. Scott Edwards and Dr. Julia Prince have helped several patients improve their smiles with veneers and can help you decide whether veneers are the right decision for your oral health. Contact us today to discuss how veneers can help you get the smile of your dreams!