June 30, 2023

Here at Scott Edwards DDS, we’re all about excellence in dental care, and that extends to more than just the time between when you walk into the office for an appointment and when you leave! 

No, we’re your dental resource all the time, and a big part of that is working to keep you informed on topics we think our Memphis-area patients care about. Today, we’ve decided to talk about fluoride and the many benefits of adult fluoride treatment. 

Now, there’s a lot of ground to cover, and we certainly can’t talk about everything right here, so let’s zero in on a few particulars to explore. So, without further ado, let’s get reading on five facts about adult fluoride treatment! 

Before We Start, What Is Fluoride?

Great question! Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral found in many foods we eat daily. Fluoride has a lot of health benefits. In particular, it does a really great job of strengthening the enamel of our teeth. That’s why, way back in 1945, we began experimenting with adding fluoride to tap water, and by 1951, it became an official policy of the United States Public Health Service. 

So, If I Already Ingest Fluoride, Why Get Treatment? 

Another great question! So, in some cases, adults can benefit from concentrated fluoride treatments. This is known as a topical fluoride treatment, and it differs from the fluoride we get daily from our tap water and foods in the concentration. Namely, topical treatments deliver much more fluoride per application. This comes in handy because many adults can benefit from this increased dosage, which they would otherwise never receive in such high quantities and in such a directed manner. So there’s fact #1 – topical fluoride treatments can benefit adults. 

5 Facts About Adult Fluoride Treatment

The Benefits of Topical Adult Fluoride Treatment 

Ok, we’ve established that it can benefit adults to receive topical fluoride treatments. Now let’s talk about how. Namely, if you have If you have a high cavity risk and/or sensitivity, have a high sugar/acidic diet, lack regular dental care, are taking particular medications/dry mouth, or have active decay in the mouth, the sort of concentrated fluoride treatment only available at your dentist’s can have a really significant impact due to the prophylactic benefits of the treatment. So there’s fact #2 – fluoride treatments can benefit adults at high risk for cavities by preventing decay. 

So How Does it Work? Does it Hurt? 

Definitely not! Fluoride treatment is quick, easy, and painless, usually over and done within thirty minutes. So there’s fact #3 – adult fluoride treatments are simple and painless. 

During your treatment, Dr. Edwards will apply a concentrated solution to the outside of your teeth as a gel, foam, or varnish. The fluoride will then quickly bond with the enamel of your teeth, providing substantial long-lasting benefits. 

Your procedure will require minimal preparation. All you need to remember is that it’s best to avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 30 minutes to an hour beforehand. This is important since, in order for the fluoride to bond with the enamel of your teeth properly, it has to have a clean surface to adhere to. Dr. Edwards may also make additional recommendations, but these will be minimal, if any. Adult fluoride treatment is about as simple as any medical procedure can be! 

So, I’ve Gotten My Treatment. Now What? 

Congratulations! You’ve just had a procedure that will work as part of a well-rounded dental hygiene plan to reduce your risk for cavities and tooth decay drastically! You’ve added an extra layer of protection to your teeth, particularly in hard-to-reach areas or those with weakened enamel due to diet or trauma. So there’s fact #4 – adult fluoride treatment can be a vital addition to a well-rounded dental hygiene program. 

Can Fluoride Repair Pre-existing Tooth Damage? 

Yes, it can! Leading us to fact #5 – adult fluoride treatments can remineralize weakened enamel. Adult fluoride treatment can be a significant tool in reversing early signs of tooth decay and restoring the tooth’s integrity by enhancing the natural process of minerals like calcium and phosphate being deposited back into the enamel, adult fluoride treatment can be a significant tool in reversing early signs of tooth decay and restoring the tooth’s integrity.

For that reason and many others, The American Dental Association recommends that many adults over the age of 18 receive professional topical fluoride application anywhere from every year to every three months! 

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