May 31, 2023

There are so many perks to getting to know the folks at your local dentist’s office. Not only does it make your regular care appointments more fun and enjoyable, but it also supports our office and people in our community! At Scott Edwards DDS we want to talk you through our favorite reasons to visit a local office and how doing so supports not only your own oral health but that of your community! 

Support a Local Business

Did you know that Scott Edwards DDS is a local Memphis business? We are proud to serve our community in Memphis, and are only able to do so thanks to our amazing patients who come to see us! It’s amazing how we depend upon each other to help more people in our community get the dental care that they need, but by spending your dollars locally, you are a part of making that happen! Thank you for being a part of what we do, and for trusting us with your oral health needs!

Enjoy Our Convenient Locations

With two offices, one in East Memphis and one in Midtown, we are a convenient place for many people around Memphis to come in for dental support. Whether it’s an emergency or just a regular appointment, you don’t want to be rushing and stressing about driving far to get to our office. Check out our locations to see which one is closer to you, and get your first visit scheduled today if you are ready for the care you need for your smile!

Early Interventions

Dr. Edwards, Dr. Prince, and Dr. Myers are all experts at seeing and understanding exactly the kind of oral health care that our patients need. When you start coming to us for regular cleaning visits, we will establish a level of care that guarantees better health over the years to come. This is still true if you are beginning to develop a problem, like worn enamel, tooth decay, or gum disease. 

Cavities and root canals are not run-of-the-mill interventions–we take these things seriously and will keep an eye on your condition. We also provide bespoke services to manage your unique care. We will also set you up with preventative support that can help keep you from having problems to begin with! Altogether, you will find yourself needing fewer interventions over the years as we work together to create healthier teeth and gums!

The Customer Care You Deserve

With so many different services being offered online nowadays, it’s easy to get used to really low standards for customer support. Waiting for hours on hold, or hoping for a response to a general email address can feel so pointless, but many of us are just used to it. In the end, we’ve traded what we think is a convenience for even more inconvenience and frustration!

That’s where your local dentist’s office comes in! Dental care is something that can only be provided in person, and at Scott Edwards DDS, we make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible. We have hired a team of professional hygienists and office staff who will manage your care and help you with billing, scheduling, care and cleaning, and so much more! Doctors Edwards, Prince, and Myers are eager to get to know you and help support your unique smile needs. 

We can’t wait for you to come to our office and experience what it’s like to receive the level of care and customer support you deserve! 

Go Green With Us

At Scott Edwards DDS, we know that what we do today impacts our lives tomorrow. That’s why we’ve taken special initiatives to go green to preserve our planet. Both of our local offices have gone paperless, and we will set you up with all of the online notifications and convenient billing options. We also have worked hard to reduce our energy usage and use more sustainable forms of energy. We recently installed solar electricity at both offices and have seen a huge difference in how much energy we use. 

It’s a huge priority for us to do our part to support the health of our neighbors and the planet through responsible practices. And we encourage other businesses in our area to do the same! Join us in helping support our planet through green energy and less waste!

Why See a Dentist Near Me?

Come See Us!

Keeping up with your oral health is a team effort and we are the team for the job! Give us a call to visit one of our local offices soon! Our team is ready and excited to get you onto our patient list and start treating your teeth with the care they deserve.